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Jiuzhaigou and huanglong

Jiuzhaigou  huanglong 4-Days Tour(by bus)

If we say there is a really a fairyland, it is Jiuzhaigou Valley.

It is said that a long time ago, the warlike Dage ground a magic mirror with wind and cloud and presented it to his beloved Goddess Wunosemo. Thanks to the meddling of a devil, she dropped the mirror and it broke into pieces, falling to the human world, and became 114 glittering lakes. As a result, on earth there came into being a dreamy fairyland, Jiuzhaigou Valley.

This is a sacred land with the best scenic spots and glorious views: a fairyland, primitive and natural, without a single drop of dirt, where majestic and unrivalled emerald lakes, layer upon layer of waterfalls, colorful forests, snow peaks and Tibetan folkways get along swimmingly with each other, forming a perfection of itself.

Located in Jiuzhaigou County of Aba Tibet and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan Province, over 460 kilometers south of Chengdu, this fantastic fairyland belongs to carbonate barrier lake landform with high mountains and deep valleys. A vast area of 60,000 hectares, it has a scenic area of 80 kilometers long with six marvelous spectacles, including the Long Lake, Sword Cliff, Nuorilang Waterfall, Shuzhenggou Gully, Zarugou Gully and Black Lake. There are nine old Tibetan villages in the gorge, hence the name Jiuzhaigou Valley.

The tourist area has an elevation of 1980-3100 meters. Its average temperature in the coldest month (January) is 2.5 degrees Centigrade and that of the hottest month (July) 17 degrees Centigrade. It is pleasant for travel throughout the year.

Jiuzhaigou Valley became the first batch of scenic areas under special state protection in 1982. It became a state nature reserve in 1978. In the national appraisal of 40 best scenic areas, it was listed as the best new scenic area in 1990. It was admitted into "World Natural Heritage List" in 1992 and became the precious wealth commonly owned by all mankind.

Jiuzhaigou Valley encompasses an area of 720 square kilometers. It abounds in virgin forests and rare flowers and grasses. A place named "Haizi" is dotted with lakes and pools of various sizes filled with crystal clear waters. The valley, a fairy land gifted by nature, is the haunt of golden monkeys, white geese, pandas and other rare and precious animals.

Magic Mirror Cliff
It's a gigantic cliff rising 800 metres from the level ground. Its surface is as smooth and slippery as a mirror. Capped with pines and China firs, the cliff top resembles a human head with cropped short hair and curly beard, which in local mythology, was left over by Zhayiga, the Ancester of mountains to keep the evil spirit under control.

Penjingtan Lake (Miniature Landscape Lake)
On the Lake's shallows, a few dozens of miniature-potted-landscape-like bushes of azalea, poplar, metasequoia etc. scatter about. They assume various forms: some in the shape of a fierce spread eagle, and some, of a galloping steed.

Luweihai (Reed Marshes)
It is 1375 metre long and over-grown with reeds. A clear brook zigzags its way through the marshes, where waterfowls are seen hovering overhead. When the season turns, the green meandering brook presents a striking contrast with the yellow spread of reeds.

Huohuahai (sparkling Lake)
The west hill commands a spectacular view of the sparkling reflections of bright sunlight upon the Lake's deep blue surface. Lying Dragon Lake: In the middle of the lake, submerges a dimly visible yellowish "Lying Dragon" in some 20 metre deep water. When a gentle wind from the mountain whips up ripples on the Lake's clear surface, it looks as if the "Dragon" were stretching herself, and once the wind increases intensity, the "Dragon" begins to shake her head and wag her tail, as if poising for a take off.

Shuzheng Group of Lakes
It consists of some 40 large and small inter-connected lakes stretching as long as ten Li. The waters overflow the inter-lake banks of calcic soil over-grown with willows, pines and cypresses and become a succession of waterfalls. The nearby Shuzheng stockaded village still preserves two primitive stone mills and one wooden bridge, They are simple and rough, but very charming.

Nuorilang waterfalls
A massive water current washing over a cliff top over-grown with willows, drops some 30 metre down and form spectacular waterfalls of various size and shape. Some waters fall straight down to the ground. Some dash against protruding rocks midway and explode into millions of colorful tiny beads.

Pearl Shoal
A stream rushes down a 20 degree slope into the Shoal splashing water about like millions of bouncing silver pearls and then goes on down to form fantastic waterfalls of various shape with thunderous roarsechoed by the deep valley.

Wuhua Hai (Five Flower Lake)
Due to different water depths and silts on the bottom, the Lake's waters assume a variety of colors, such as light yellow, dark green, deep blue, jadeite, under the sun light, they are as colorful and beautiful as a peacock's feathers.

Panda Lake Waterfall
It consists of 3 waterfalls with sizes of 5x19m., 2x24 m., and 14x19 m., respectively. Three separate streams rush down a precipice and form waterfalls with multiple sections of 65 m, in total height.

Swan Lake
It's 2250 m. long and 125 m. wide (at maximum) encompassing an area of 142.8 mu . The surface is domed with weeds and wild flowers. It's a tranquil and secluded place frenquented by swans and wild ducks.

Hanging Dagger Spring
Overlooking the Swan Lake is a solitary Lofty peak, 500 metre high and resembling a dagger piercing through the sky. From the halfway down the peak, voluminous waters gash out and drop some thousand feet like a white chain hanging in the air.

Five Color Pool
Filled with crystal-clear waters the pool looks colorful, radiant and fascinating.

Long Lake
It's the largest lake in Jiuzhaigou Valley, covering an area of 7.5 km, long and 0.375 km. wide. It is 3103 metres above sea level, with a maximum depth of 103 metres. The melted snow from the South Peak and the waters of surrounding mountain streams and brooks all find their way into the Lade which has no exit. The excess water either vapours or seeps into the earth. The waters never spill over the banks in spite of downpours in summer and autumn. The Lake won't dry up either in spring and winter, even there's a long dry spell. In spring, Jiuzhaigou Valley is radiant and enchanting. The air is filled with fragrance of wild blossoms. In summer, the beautiful trees are luxuriantly green. In autumn, the breeze is intoxicating, while tree leaves turn crimson. In winter, the mountains and valleys are wrapped in snow and ice.

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